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Our Story

Our Story.


Not too long ago, a talented cosmetologist named Betsy was introduced to an entrepreneurial fellow named Michael. It wasn’t long before they became an engaged couple and started thinking about opening a new salon near their home in Desert Shores.

Betsy owned several successful salons in Maui and Dallas. Her talents were evident but to this point undiscovered in Las Vegas. Soon, the decision was made to start the search for a salon location.

After scouting several areas, an agreement was reached in January 2013 to secure a space in the Sea Breeze Shopping Center at Buffalo and Vegas Drive.

The space was a blank slate in need of much work. However, the vision was clear…to create a beautiful salon that was warm and inviting and served the beauty needs of the surrounding areas.

Michael and Betsy spent countless hours designing the salon. Every detail from the sign to the baseboards were meticulously reviewed. After four months of hard work, the dream became a reality.

Four Seasons Salon & Skin Care opened on May 3, 2013. We look forward to meeting you and to help you look and feel as beautiful as you can be.


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