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No. 4 High Performance Hair Care

Product Size Price
Clarifying Shampoo 8.5oz $32.00
Reconstructuring Masque 5.1oz $58.00
Hydrating Shampoo 8.5oz $34.00
Hydrating Conditioner 8.5oz $36.00
Volumizing Shampoo 8.5oz $34.00
Volumizing Conditioner 8.5oz $36.00
Product Size Price
Blow Dry Lotion 5.1oz $32.00
Firm Hold Gel 5.1oz $32.00
Mighty Hair Spray 10.0oz $26.00
Non-Aerosol Hair Spray 6.7oz $30.00
Styling Foam 6.7oz $30.00
Super Comb Prep & Protect 6.7oz $32.00
Support Solution 6.7oz $30.00
Texture Styling Crème 3.4oz $32.00
Thermal Styling Protection 5.1oz $30.00
Product Size Price
Body Lotion 8.5oz $30.00
Hydrating Body Lotion 8.5oz $36.00

Comfort Zone (Facial Skin Care)

Product Size Price
Cream Oil Cleanser 5.07oz $38.00
Protective Cream 1.69oz $78.00
Protective Fluid 1.01oz $65.00
Product Size Price
Corrector (spot treatment) 15ml $69.00
Fluid 30ml $69.00
Night serum 30ml $109.00
Product Size Price
Cream Gel 50ml $48.00
Hydramask 50ml $32.00
Serum 30ml $59.00
Product Size Price
Gel Cleanser 200ml $39.50
Mask 50ml $29.50
Daily Tonic 200ml $39.50
Scrub Exfoliator 50ml $25.00
Fluid 30ml $52.00
Product Size Price
Skin Defender 50ml $84.00
Renight 50ml $79.00
Product Size Price
Splash Performer (Cleanser) 5oz $29.00
Hydra Performer 50ml $46.00
Extra Protection Cream 50ml $75.00

Jane Iredale Make-Up

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